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A Burning Desire…

The colder months can seem like they last forever but with a new fireplace or stove, keeping warm and cosy can make the winter seem so much better.

Picking your perfect one can be challenging so here are a few useful tips to help you along the way!

Know your space

Before you do anything you need to make sure you have found the best place for your fire or stove to go. A key factor to remember for this is to have a look where your chimney breast is in your house. This will be the area in which your fire or stove will need to be installed into. Once you have figured out where you want it to be installed, you will need to accurately measure up the space you have. This is so that when you are out looking at different types of fires and stoves you have a guide to show you what will fit.

Check your chimney

When you’ve found the chimney it is advised to have someone to check out what kind of stove or fireplace you will need. This is because various types have different installation processes and not all fires or stoves will be suitable, therefore to, save yourself from wasting money and time it is best to have it looked at first!

Keep the costs low

Fires and stoves can sometimes be expensive to run, therefore it is important to consider the factor that is… fuel! Obviously, if you are looking at getting an electric fire installed this isn’t something you need to worry about, but when you are looking at log burners and stoves you should definitely determine a few things. Number one would be whether you are going to be burning mainly wood or coal. This is because if you go for wood you can save some money by seeing if you already have some spare pieces of wood lying about that you could use or stock up on for the winter. This could be from old furniture or wood from your garden.

Stylish settings

One of the biggest things to remember when getting a fire or stove is that it is typically the main feature of a room. Therefore, the ambience is extremely important. Whether you have a modern, chic room or an old fashioned vintage type of setting you will want your fire to fit in. Your theme will determine the type of materials used, such as wood, metal or glass for your fireplace or stove. The mantle piece is also a fantastic way to create a running theme in your room as you can have different styles to suit your desired setting.

Overall, it is really important to look into these four factors before you go out and get a new fire or stove as if you don’t, you could end up spending a lot of money on something that may end up not working like you imagined. By doing so you will finish with a luxurious new feature that will keep you warm and cosy for many more winters to come.
Words by Briar Wooldridge