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Do you think about your bra enough?

Have you ever been professionally fitted for your bra?

It is estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra but it’s easy to find the right fit. You’ll be surprised at how different a correct fitting bra feels. It gives you confidence, makes you stand tall and changes your shape completely! Here, we ask Cleo Thomas- Wacoal’s Retail Manager a few questions about professional bra fitting:

Does a bra fitting take a long time and what can I expect from it?

A professional bra fitting shouldn’t be a daunting experience! You will want to tell the world how amazing you feel after! We want you to feel as relaxed as possible so there is no pressure. Our trained fitters will discuss with you what size you are currently wearing and use their expert knowledge and skill to find your correct size. It may feel a little strange at first as women are often wearing a couple of band sizes too loose and a cup too small so the feeling of a tighter back band may take a while to get used to.

What difference does a correct fitting bra make?

You will feel transformed! You’ll see the difference as soon as you try on your top over your new correctly fitted bra. You’ll see your waist, incredible uplift and feel totally supported. You’ll stand taller, feel more comfortable and most importantly, your confidence will soar! Many of our customers feel like they’ve dropped a few dress sizes instantly!

How can you tell if your bra fits correctly?

Here are a few signs that your bra fits correctly:

  • Your underband is level and snug (but not too tight) all the way around
  • Your bust is fully held and supported by the underwire
  • There is no overspill or puckering in the cups
  • Your centre of the bra sits flat against your chest wall
  • Your bra is comfortable and supportive and gives you great shape
  • Support should come from the underband, not the straps

What are the signs of a badly fitting bra?

Here are a few signs that your bra doesn’t fit you correctly:

  • You have ‘double boob’ where your breasts are squeezed out the top of the cup
  • The underband is too loose so it rides up at the back
  • When the underband doesn’t hold your boobs properly, it can dig in and make them droop
  • Your centre gore is standing away from your chest wall
  • Your straps are digging in because they are too tight
  • Your straps are slipping off your shoulders because they are too loose

How often should you get fitted?

We recommend you should get fitted every time you are looking for a new bra, but at the very least aim to get fitted for a bra every six months. And if you gain/lose weight, are pregnant, have a baby or any other significant body changes, you should definitely get refitted.

Do you fit swimwear too?

Yes, we also offer cup sized swimwear – all women appreciate the extra boost in confidence by the pool or on the beach that you get from wearing the right size bikini, tankini or swimsuit.

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